Motorcycle Tire Tips on Matching Front and Rear Sets

April 6, 2009 by: MCg

Matching Motorcycle Tire Sets


OK, just to be sure we’re considering the obvious, you need to buy motorcycle tires in matching sets. Motorbike tires are designed by manufacturers to work together as a front and rear team to give you maximum performance.

Here are a few tire tips and guidelines:

♦ If you’re new to the game of changing your own motorcycle tires, the manufacturers make it easy for you to know which is the front and which is the rear by marking “front” and “rear” right on them. Just be sure to read ’em. (When in doubt, the bigger ones goes on the rear).

♦ By the way, having a new front tire with a worn one on the rear can lead to some instability, so it’s best to have good tires on front and back. (OK, I know, we’re talking basic and obvious tips here).

♦ The MAIN point here is that you want to have a matched set of front and rear tires. The good news is that motorcycle tires are made as matched sets. So, you won’t have any problem purchasing them that way.

However, local dealers may run out of 1/2 of a matched pair of tires at any time, so you may need to order a front or rear or both. Alternatively, click the link below to order a matched set of tires directly.

So, for example, if you are going to change brands, or even tire models of the same brand, swap them both at the same time. (In other words, if you wore out your rear tire so fast by doing too many burn outs, and your front tire is in good shape, you should get the exact same matched rear tire that goes with your front tire, until you are ready to change BOTH of them for a new matched tire model or brand.

♦ Now, to emphasize a blatant no-no, you would not want to mix radically different front and rear tires, such as one radial front tire with a belted bias rear tire.

The point is that maintaining a matching set of front/rear tires will give you better handling and stability.

And no matter which set of matching front and rear tires you are using on your bike, keep checking the tire pressure. It’s the easiest thing for a rider to neglect, and the most important routine maintenance item, other than filling your bike with gas.



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