Which Are The Best Heated Motorcycle Grips?

January 31, 2009 by: MCg

Heated Motorcycle GripsHeated Motorcycle Grips: Should They Be On Your Bike?

It’s hard to imagine a biker riding someone else’s motorcycle on a cool morning that has HEATED GRIPS, and after the ride, walking away NOT wanting to get heated grips for their own motorcycle.

Heated motorbike grips really make cool weather riding all the more enjoyable. Not only do they keep your hands warmer, but you can also wear lighter gloves that allow for a more direct and tactile control of your bike.

Different Types of Heated Motorcycle Grips

Over the years, just as the quantity of bikes and related motorbike gear has expanded, so too has the selection of heated grips increased.

Following are some of the key differences and features you should consider for your heated grips.

“Price” is an important factor for some, and the prices do vary. You can buy heated grips for less than $50.00 and you can spend over $200.00, for after-market, heated grips.

You can get heating elements that wrap around and OVER your existing grips. These would be the easiest to install, among the least expensive to purchase, but offer the least elegant appearance. You would likely remove these as the temperatures warm again.  For many riders, this type would not be a solution that would be a permanent installation.

In other cases, you can install heating elements UNDER your existing grips, which, in many cases, would allow you to keep your favorite grips in place. With this type, the heating elements need to radiate their warmth through your existing grips before they get to your hands.

Then there’s the option of purchasing specialized heated grips whereby the heating elements are built right into the grips themselves. Which means, you will be replacing your existing grips for an entirely different set.

Also, some grips have the ability to control the heat to make them warmer or cooler – this is a GOOD feature.

The downside to any of the options that require replacing your existing grips, or removing your existing grips, is the installation process.

Those existing grips can be pretty stubborn about wanting to stay in place.If you are not handy in the mechanical department, you may want to have your favorite mechanic do the honors.

Which Heated Motorcycle Grips Are The Best?

If only this were as simple as saying “Buy ABC grips. They’re the one and only, top of the line, best grips.”

I’d say that the best grips are the ones that come standard on a few bikes, or the ones you can get as an optional add-on from the manufacturer. And although these would be the most expensive, they are completely hassle free: no self-installation!

However, most bikes don’t come with heated grips, nor are they available as an option for most bikes. So, if you want hot grips for your bike, you’re going to have to confront the selection available on the link below and make a decision on what’s best for YOU!

Review and Compare These Heated Motorcycle Grips

Click on the following link to compare price, features and specifications on specific heated motorbike grips:


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