Motorcycle Jackets for Long-Distance Riding

January 18, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Jacket

Why a Touring Jacket?

So, what makes a motorcycle touring jacket different than a regular motorcycle jacket?

Well, for many riders, they “may” be the same. In other words, their motorcycle touring jacket is their regular riding jacket.

But motorcycle jackets specifically manufactured for touring will often include certain features for long-distance rider comfort.

Six Main Features For Motorcycle Touring Jackets

1. Touring motorcycle jackets are typically waterproof (even if the claimed “water proof” may be more like “water resistant”) to keep out the rain that any long-distance rider will encounter

2. Motorcycle tourers like LOTS of pockets (inside and outside) to easily stow various items

3. A motorcycle touring jacket with a removable liner allows the rider to can add/remove the liner for varying temperatures

4. A high collar is an advantage for a long-distance rider since it offers better neck protection

5. Of course a real, purpose-built, motorcycle touring jackets includes plenty of armor (crash padding), especially in the shoulders, elbows and along the back. Some touring jackets include chest armor.

6. A motorcycle jacket for warm weather riding should have built-in vents which can be opened/close to allow and disallow air circulation as temperatures change.

Lengths of Touring Jackets

Most motorcycle jackets could be categorized in two lengths:

♦ 3/4 Length or

♦ Waist Length

Of course there are also the full-size, one-piece suits, but in that case we aren’t talking about a “jacket.”

The slightly longer (3/4) jackets offer a little more protection for a long-distance rider than a waist-length jacket.

Leather or Textile?

Over the years there has been an endless debate about whether a motorcycle jacket is better made from leather or textile. Textile jackets can often be made more waterproof than leather, and leather usually requires more maintenance.

As far as one being more protective than the other, well, as I understand it, at one time leather offered better protection than the earliest textile jackets.

In fact, I’m sure a good leather jacket STILL offers better protection than some of the lesser expensive textile jackets that are currently available.

However, nowadays, you can get some textile jackets that offer BETTER protection than leather (a Kevlar motorcycle jacket comes to mind).

On the other hand, there is some undefinable quality about a well-made, leather, motorcycle jacket….

“Waterproof” Motorcycle Jackets

Also, it’s worth restating that motorcycle jackets promoted as “waterproof” may not always live up to that depiction. Of course, some waterproof motorcycle jackets do need water repellent added periodically, so there is a maintenance aspect to consider, as well.

If you are a long-distance rider, more likely than not, you have a windshield to deflect the worst of the elements coming at you, and that will certainly add to the wet-weather protection your jacket has to offer. (Although an actual rain jacket may be your best bet).

Main Point About The “Best” Long-Distance Motorcycle Jacket

Above all else, get a touring jacket that is COMFORTABLE for you, on your bike. A jacket that is tight around your shoulders, or too tight around your stomach, etc., will wear on you much more while you are putting a lot of miles on your bike on any given day.

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