Heated Electric Vests: Where’s the Arm Sleeves?

January 29, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Heated VestsHeated Vests = Compact Warmth

Since the 70’s, HEATED ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE VESTShave been more common than heated electric jackets. However, in recent years, that has changed, as the quantity of heated motorcycle gear has considerably expanded.

On the one hand, it may seem more intuitive to get a heated jacket, instead of a vest, if you are interested in extending your riding enjoyment into cooler weather.

However, the obvious advantage of a vest is its compact size. Whether you wear a heated vest or a heated jacket, both are apparel items that a biker wears UNDER his/her primary motorbike jacket.

And a heated vest has the advantage of easily fitting under your existing motorcycle jacket. It’s also more compact when you’re are not wearing it, so it takes up less space when stored on your bike.

Heated Vests and Core Body Warmth

A heated vest is typically worn snugly over a t-shirt, to maximize its warming qualities. If desired, you can wear a sweater or other light jacket over the vest, before putting on your primary motorbike jacket.

The purpose of an electric, heated vest is to keep your body’s core torso warm while taking up as minimal space, on or off your body.

Heated Collars or Not

The MOST compact heated vest has no collar at all. But if you can give up a little bit of that compact size, you can gain a vest that also has a heated collar, which helps to warm an area that can be prominently exposed to cold for many bikers.

Controlling the Heat on Your Vest

I recommend the heat controller, which is an optional accessory for some vests. This allows you to dial the warmth up or down as the ambient temperature and your tolerance for cold/warm dictates.

Otherwise, you are left to connect and disconnect your vest (or turn it off/on) as you get too hot and too cold, which is not a desirable action while riding.

Compare Heated Vests, Jackets and Gloves

Check out my article on Heated Electric Jackets so that you can gain some additional insight into heated apparel in general, and more specifically, get a better sense of whether a heated jacket is better for you than a vest.

You should also check out my article on Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves. Heated gloves are often made to plug into certain jackets and/or vests, so if you are going to buy a whole set of heated biker gear, whether at one time, or a different points in the future, you should consider getting compatible components.

Compare Heated Electric Motorcycle Vests

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