Heated Electric Gloves for Motorcycle Riding

January 22, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Electric Heated Gloves

Have You Worn Electrically Heated Gloves For Motorcycles?

They represent a much higher level of cold weather comfort and safety for motorbike riders.

The improvement in rider comfort offered when the mercury dips is probably somewhat intuitive: There comes a point where even the warmest motorcycle gloves will not keep your hands from getting cold.

However, rider SAFETY is also sacrificed when your hands get cold and numb. They simply can’t respond as quickly, particularly in an emergency situation.

Heated gloves make all the difference.

Motorcycle Heated Gloves And Your Battery

Heated rider apparel typically runs off your bike’s 12 volt electrical current, which means it needs to plug into your battery.

For most models, the wires will run up your sleeves and out the bottom of your jacket.

I have a little connector that is readily accessible on the side of my seat, although it can be positioned in many places.

Some bikers will install a plug on their fairing.

And for those motorbikes that have an accessory electrical connection factory installed, their bike is already waiting for electrical gear to be plugged in.

Electric Gloves And Your Battery Power

It’s worth noting that a single heated garment, such as heated motorcycle gloves, will not typically have any adverse affect on your battery and its charging system.

But if you attach heated boot liners, and heated vest, in addition to any other accessories that you may have, there is a possibility that your battery may not be able to handle the load.

If you do currently have a lot of accessories on your bike, you may want to check with your motorcycle dealer (or check yourself, if you are handy with electricity), and ensure your bike’s circuitry can handle the full increase of electrical load.

Wires and Connectors for Your Electric Gloves

Do be sure that you get all the connectors and wires you need. It’s not that there are too many of them (it can vary by manufacturer), but if you want to try your heated motorcycle gloves out right away, you will be disappointed if you find that you don’t have every thing you need.

NOTE: Some heated gloves are powered by portable batteries. I’ve not used this style, and I don’t know how long the batteries last. But if I were to use them, I would want to ensure I had EXTRA batteries with me at all times when I might be using those gloves.

Installation for Heated Gloves

My installation was VERY easy. The package I purchase came with a wire that easily attached to the battery, and a connector that I needed to tie down any place secure and convenient.

And that was it!

One end of my heat controller plugs into the connector by my seat, and the other end is plugged into my heated gear.

I also purchased a longer, coiled extension, for routing through a one-piece suit.  As it turned out, it wasn’t absolutely necessary, although I do use it.

Heat Controller For Your Electric Gloves

If you want to save a little money, you can control your heated gloves with a simple off or on switch.

However, if you pay extra for a heat controller, it would be difficult to do without that level of heat control after you’d experienced it.

With a heat controller for your electric motorcycle gloves, you just dial the temperature up and down as the temperature and your needs require.  It’s sort of like the thermostat in your home.

Motorcycle Heated Grips

How do motorcycle heated GLOVES compare to motorbike heated GRIPS?

Well, heated grips are considerably more convenient. They are already on your bike! You just turn them on and you’re on your way. They allow you to use lighter gloves than you might otherwise. They are primarily useful for cooler riding temps.

However, heated GRIPS do not heat the back of your hands and do not engulf your hands in a glove of warmth.

That’s not to say that heated motorcycle grips don’t have their place. I find them very handy, too.

But for real, COLD-weather protection, heated gloves will do a better job.

What About Wet Weather Riding With Electric Gloves?

Some heated gloves are waterproof and some are not.

Regardless, I checked with a manufacturer of one of the non-waterproof gloves to find out if there was any hazard.

I was assured that there was not any electrical hazard for the rider, even in the gloves were soaking wet.

The result of wearing non-waterproof, heated gloves in a cold rain, would be that your hands will get wet, but they will be WARM and wet.

Other Heated Motorcycle Gear

Check out my articles on Heated Vests and Heated Jackets, if you are interested in really placing yourself in a cocoon of warmth while riding.

Heated Motorcycle Gloves Conclusion

If you want to extend your riding season, heated motorcycle gloves are a sure way to do so. They surround your hands with low-level heat and provide greater rider comfort and safety. Non-heated gloves just don’t compare.

Starting your ride will take just a little bit longer, since you’ll need to plug your gloves in before you get going.

If you are more than a warm, sunny weekend rider, heated gloves should be included among your motorcycle gear.

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