BMW Motorcycle Books: Technology, Racing and Innovation

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BMW Motorcycle Books

BMW Motorcycle Books: A Little History

Books on BMW motorcycles include their history, racing heritage, technology innovations and of course books about their line of bikes over the decades. (Oh, and for the practical minded, there are plenty of repair manuals, as well).

As a company, BMWwas initially a manufacturer of airplane engines back in the early 1900’s. In 1923, BMW began its history of motorcycle production with the R32, which was their first bike under their own name.

For long-time BMW followers (and even guys who have been around a long time who don’t follow BMW closely), the BMW flat-twin “boxer” engine has been a defining power source for their motorbikes.

In 1983 the company introduced a new 1000 cc engine. Nicknamed “The Flying Brick” (in reference to its square and solid look), this in-line four-cylinder, water-cooled engine initiated the beginning of their “K” series of motorbikes.

Nowadays, BMW motorbikes include a variety of engine configurations. In fact, as a notable change in the company’s international expansion, some of their engines are not manufactured by BMW in Berlin, and instead are made in Austria, China and Taiwan.

BMW Motorcycle Innovations

BMW has introduced a number of innovations to the motorcycle world over the years. Here are a few highlights:

In 1986, BMW’s K 100 LT (touring bike) was fitted with the world’s first electrically-adjustable windshield. Personally, I thought this was a gimmicky feature and I was initially a little surprised that BMW would offer this. However, once I rode a BMW with the electric windshield, I changed my tune and was very impressed with its versatility and practicality for a touring rider. In fact, so did many other riders, as evidenced by the technology being added to touring and sport-touring models from many of the world’s other major manufacturers.

In 1988 BMW introduced ABS (Antilock Brake System) to the world of motorbikes, another first for BMW, which has also been adopted by other major motorcycle manufacturers.

BMW is also renown for some of its suspension technologies, including innovation regarding the telescopic fork, as well as the Paralever, Telelever and Duolever suspension systems.

To this day, BMW is still forwarding design and technology innovation and is one of the highest-quality motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

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