Motorcycle Tool Kits and Mechanical Nirvana

January 31, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Portable Tool Kits

Motorcycle Tool Kits: You Can’t Take ALL Your Tools on the Road!

MOTORCYCLE TOOL KITSare about COMPROMISE. If you are a biker who is mechanically inclined, or passionate about doing your own maintenance – you’ve probably got plenty of tools in your garage.

And you sure don’t need anyone to remind you that all those tools won’t fit on your motorbike. Heck, if you’re like some guys, you might have a hard time fitting all your tools in a truck!

On the other end of the spectrum might be someone who is not mechanically inclined and either has no tools, or only has the tools that came with the motorcycle he/she is riding. The problem here is certainly not one of too many tools, but one of not enough, and/or, simply not wanting to bother with the cheap motorbike tools that come standard with many motorcycles, should the occasion arise..

A competent mechanic can create his/her own portable toolkit that includes the most needed tools, including some tools that may be smaller than what would normally be used back at the home shop.  (Even so, he/she may find it easier to customize one of the commercially available portable motorbike tool kits, so as to not break up the home-garage set of tools, which may be his/her inviolate mechanical Nirvana).

For many of us, buying a commercially assembled motorcycle tool kit is a handy and practical option.   It’s still a compromise, but it’s a workable compromise.

Which Motorcycle Tool Kit for Your Bike?

Although you’ll probably be more interested in selecting one of the many portable motorcycle tool kits based upon which tools are included, as well as the overall size of the kit.  However, a more fundamental consideration is ensuring that you get a tool kit with tools that are made for your bike.

For example, many motorcycles are assembled with nuts and bolts that require METRIC tools that includes wrenches and sockets that are calibrated in millimeters, rather than inches.

Tools calibrated in inches are called SAE tools (Society of Automotive Engineers), which are for American automobiles, and most notably for Harley Davidson motorbikes. In fact, SAE tool kits typically state that they include Harley Davidson tools (instead of emphasizing “SAE”), just to make things easier for buyers.

Conversely, metric tool kits will clearly state METRIC right on the package.

Other than that, you’ll still need to make your own compromise regarding  larger “portable” tool kits for motorbikes with more practical tools, versus smaller tool kits with less tools….

Review and Compare These Motorcycle Tool Kits:


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