Motorcycle Kidney Belts: Rock and Roll Torso Support

January 31, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Kidney BeltMotocross Kidney Belts

Motorcycle kidney belts are primarily designed to protect the internal organs of off-road and motocross riders.

KIDNEY BELTS secure your gut from all the bouncing around your body is subject to while riding in the dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, mud, trails, woods, mountains, creeks, etc.

Additionally, they support your lower back, which results in more comfort for longer periods.

Kidney Belts for Street Riding

Although I started using a kidney belt for off-road riding many years ago, I also incorporated one into my street riding and have found it invaluable for long distance riding. I don’t use one for short rides or running errands, but if I’m going to be out on the road for even a few hours, it’s definitely part of my riding gear.

It’s primarily the back support that I find most useful. Over the years, my kidney belts have allowed me to crank out more miles in any given day, while maintaining a greater standard of personal comfort.

If you’ve added a few extra pounds around your mid-section over the years, a kidney belt can also appear to trim some of those pounds off again….

Motorbike Kidney Belts in All Sizes

Kidney belts are made in youth sizes and various adult sizes. Most are secured at your gut with hook and loop fasteners, which makes it easy to put on and take off, while assuring a secure fit. (Although, if you wear these things a lot, those hook and loop fasteners lose their grip and wear out).

Some of the belts have vents, which can be useful in hot weather, since your body can’t breathe as well under the belt. Regardless, the increased comfort, protection and back support is still a larger advantage.

Review and Compare These Motorcycle Kidney Belts:


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