What a Motorcycle Cover Says About its Owner

February 7, 2009 by: MCg

Motorcycle Covers

What Does YOUR Motorcycle Cover Say About You?

If motorcycle covers could talk, what would they say?

I mean, they are likely very low on the list of motorcycle accessories that most owners would care to discuss or promote to their riding buddies.

But a MOTORCYCLE COVER is a very obvious representation of an owner who CARES about the bike that is under wraps.

Motorcycle covers are especially important for anyone who owns a motorbike without a garage, and therefore needs to keep their machine outside and exposed to the elements.

Obviously, the bike cover is useful for protecting the machine from rain and snow. Heck, it even protects the bike from excess sunshine, which slowly degrades the paint over time.

But even for motorbike owners who have a garage and keep their bikes inside it, a cover for their motorcycles keeps them clean over the winter, or for any extended non-riding period.

Motorcycle Cover Features

Here are some of the key features to consider:

♠ Quality of the cover material itself (to last a long time)

♠ Quality of the internal liner (to better protect the paint)

♠ Quality of the seams (waterproof or not)

♠ Does it have vents? (Which lets condensation evaporate)

There are some cheap covers that may still have some use – for traveling. In other words, if you just want to cover your bike for the evening at a hotel or a campground, an inexpensive motorbike cover is more compact and therefore more easy to carry on the road.

Security Advantage of Motorcycle Covers

Added security is another advantage for a motorbike cover. When you check into your hotel after a day on the road, if you cover your motorcycle while it is parked for the night, bad guys who are scouting for bikes to steal would be less inclined to go after a machine they cannot readily identify.

So, if motorcycle covers could talk, what they would say is simply this: “My owner cares.”

Compare and Review Motorcycle Covers

Click on the following link to compare motorcycle covers. Just be sure to buy one that is manufactured to fit your bike!


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