Bluetooth Headsets and Intercoms for Motorcycles

April 12, 2009 by: MCg

Cardo Scala Bluetooth Wireless for Motorcycles


“Bluetooth” is a weird name for a technology that incorporates short-range communications, like a personal radio station, from fixed and/or mobile devices. What that means is that Bluetooth creates a wireless personal-area network that allows different electronic gadgets to talk to each other, to send and receive both voice and data transmissions over short distances without using wires.

Although the wireless aspect of the technology is its most readily apparent advantage, managing the technological chaos is a pretty cool trick. The process of connecting several gadgets (wireless or not), requires getting the various devices to talk the same language without cutting each other off. Imagine if you wanted to have a conversation with a friend who speaks French, another who speaks German, while listening to music that features Japanese lyrics, and you didn’t understand any of these languages?

Bluetooth becomes the middleman and translates all the languages for you in real time and gives them to you in the language you understand.

That’s an oversimplification, but Bluetooth does allow bikers to connect a number of gadgets to one headset, without the use of wires.

OK, how about some more specific examples?


Well, specifically for motorcycle riders, Bluetooth allows wireless access to music systems, cell phones and rider-to-passenger intercom systems.

Some hardware components are stored on your bike, which work in conjunction with microphone speakers inside your motorcycle helmet.

A few of the popular brands of motorcycle Bluetooth intercom systems for motorcyclists include Scala Rider and Chatterbox. Here are some specific features to consider:

♦ A basic feature would be a two-way radio between rider and passenger.

♦ The ability to integrate your cell phone into the system would be useful.

♦ A little more sophistication would include a conference calling feature, which would add a passenger to a conversation with another person via cell phone.

♦ Listening to your MP3 music player and/or radio would be another basic feature.

♦ Integrating a radar detector audio alert and/or GPS audio instruction into the system would be helpful.

♦ The ability for the system to automatically adjust speaker volume according to existing noise levels is a practical feature for bikers. For example, the speaker volume would automatically go up when riding faster (more wind noise) and automatically go down when riding slower or while stopped.

♦ To further minimize the use of using any manual controls at all, another feature would provide voice-controlled receiving and rejecting of incoming calls. If you’re just launching into a series of aggressive twisties it would be easier to voice a command to reject calls.

♦ Weather protection for any exposed components is an important feature for motorcyclists.

♦ Easy self-installation of the entire Bluetooth system would be another important feature.

♦ And, like all things electric, you would want to know how long the system lasts before needing to be recharged.

Click the following link to see what’s available for you.



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