Women’s Harley Davidson Boots: Some Even Protect Your Feet

January 29, 2009 by: MCg

Womens Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots Womens Harley Davidson Boots: Mostly Win-Win

I understand that the fastest growing sector of new buyers for motorcycles and motorcycle apparel is women.

This is great news for the motorcycle industry and great news for women. Manufacturers want to sell more stuff, and women, or any riders, need protective gear to go along with their motorbike passion. This would be a classic a win-win.

Except for one thing….

Womens “Fashion” and Harley Davidson Boots

If any rider, woman or otherwise, were to purchase any potentially “protective” rider gear, based upon the concept of “fashion” over actual protection, they are doing themselves a disservice.

That’s not to say that any rider shouldn’t wear whatever they want. For example, there certainly exists a great selection of perfectly adequate (in terms of protection) WOMENS HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE BOOTS.

However, there is also a generous selection of women’s Harley boots that serve more as a fashion statement than as any real type of foot and ankle protection.

For example, high-heels and thin leather are not on the list of protective features that motorbike boots ought to provide.

Protective Features of Womens Harley Davidson Boots

Here are some features to look for in a motorcycle boot:

♥ A shorter heel, offering a biker better motorcycle control

♥ A very sturdy sole for protection from regular contact with the pavement

♥ Heavy leather to withstand the heavy abrasion potential of motorcycle accidents

♥ Various metal or composite materials to protect the biker’s feet, ankles and lower legs in the event of a crash

♥ Waterproof linings are desirable for bikers inclined to ride in wet weather

♥ And of course the COMFORT of your motorcycle boots would be one of the most important features

Compare Women’s Harley Davidson Boots

Regardless of whether you are more inclined to a classic “protective” motorcycle boot, or one more geared primarily toward how it looks, you’ll find a heck of a variety of different Harley Davidson motorcycle boots for women right here:


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