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I Love to Ride

Personally, I love all kinds of motorcycles: new bikes, vintage machines, adventure-touring bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, dual-sport motorbikes, electric bikes, sport bikes, sport-touring bikes, standards, supermoto motorbikes, big touring motorcycles, and anything else on two wheels.

But mostly, I like to ride.

I’ve toured all over North America, coast-to-coast, north and south, many times. (And continue to do so).

Over the years, and multiple hundreds of thousands of miles, I’ve learned some things about riding and surviving – and I’m still learning!

Mistakes and Crashes

I’ve made my share of mistakes. I’ve had two significant crashes and totaled both of those motorcycles. And, I’ve experienced uncountable spills, wipeouts and crashes while riding in the dirt – most of which never resulted in anything more than minor injuries.

Bottom Line: I love bikes, I love riding and I especially love motorcycle touring.

I also enjoy motorcycle camping, and have camped all over North America, in addition to staying in hotels and motels.

I’m also not averse to sleeping under a bridge in a long, hard, rain storm when it’s too wet and I”m too tired to go on, as I have in the past, when a dry plot of dirt, next to a river, under a bridge was simply the best dry spot in the world for several hours of very sound sleep.

If you are taking a break somewhere on the road, and you see a guy taking a nap on a picnic table with a blue helmet nearby (and usually with a map or two) it might be me ….

Anyway,the point is that riding is one of my favorite things in the world.

Motorcycle Gear, Safety and Tips

This motorbike blog features some of the things I have learned over the years, including tips on motorcycle safety, a selection of motorcycle gear, as well as news, and info about motorcycles and motorcycle riding.

There are also links to many motorcycle products that can be purchased via Amazon.com, which you are welcome to take advantage of, if you wish.

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